Mealworm Farm Prototype – Step 3 – Beetle Mania

mealworm farm beetle ramp
In this epidsode of The Edible Insect the mealworm farm has reached the end of the 1st lifecycle with beetles appearing and darkening.

I have been experimenting with a “beetle filter” to try and automatically seperate out the darkiling beetles from the pupae & mealworms as well as showing you the different substrates I am using: wheat bran, oats, dehydrated mixed vegetable waste & dehydrated potato skins. I’m keeping a log of these environments so I can see and share with you the growth rates of the new mealworms in each substrate.

So after this the edible generation should start hatching from eggs and they will be well on their way to providing a sustainable source of protein, vitamin B12, fibre and a whole host of other nutrients.

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