The Edible Insect – An Introduction


Welcome to The Edible Insect. My name is Chris Young and I will be taking you on my journey to find out all about eating insects or “entomophagy” as it’s known.

Did you know that insects can provide very similar levels of protein and vitamin b12 as beef for a fraction of the impact on the environment?

So really the only thing that’s stopping
us eating insects is the cultural perception that insects are just a yucky thing to eat, disease carrying, etc. The reality is they’re actually cleaner than a lot of things we eat.

I mean if you eat lobster or prawns
for example they are very similar genetically to insects but they feed on the bottom on dead fish etc. and quite often on the excretor of other fish as well and we’re quite happy to eat those. So insects are actually a lot cleaner plus they are a long way away from us genetically  so it’s very difficult for them to pass over anything that’s going to cause us harm.

So they’re actually a fantastic food source and it’s really just culturally.

Now I can understand if someone gives you a
scorpion or a worm, you’re not really going to want to eat it but what if it was turned into a flour and you can just make it into bread or cake or something and get your nutritional benefits without even knowing what you are eating?

Apparently they taste great. I say
apparently because I’ve yet to taste some myself!

That’s why I wanted to start this whole
journey with you right at the beginning before I’ve even tried any.

I’m going to order some mealworms in next
week and a start raising them and take you through that process so hopefully you’ll join me and we can do this together and learn how we can not only increase our intake inexpensively, a great way to increase our intake of protein and vitamin b12 but also help the environment as well.

So I’m looking forward to taking you on that
journey. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on Facebook, Twitter or comment on the video.

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